Moshi Monsters Game Review

Great for the kids, but pushy with onsite purchases – that is the general verdict for Moshi Monsters, developed by the London-based company Mind Candy in 2007.moshi-monsters-team

Moshi Monsters be a British website intended at children matured 6–12 by means of more 100 million register user in 150 countries worldwide. It is natural for kids, who can adopt virtual pets on the site and nurture them. The game is also available in a smartphone version on theiPhone stores and on Google Play. Sony Music now distributes Moshi Monsters tunes, and there is a Moshi Monsters movie.
So the brand is well-established, even though the concept is disarmingly simple: Children choose among the six virtual monsters’ namedKatsuma, Poppet, Zommer, Furi, Luvli and Diablo as electronic pets. Kids can play with the monster pets, and the site provides epic story quests, mini-games, puzzles, competitions, and music.


Moshi Monsters awesome game for kids

Kids love it, and parents find it an unusually appropriate (and appreciate it is being free), although not very educational entertainment. The discussion and interactive exchange on the site are now entirely moderated so that the danger of children receiving the wrong kind of message has been almost entirely controlled.

We find it quite well done, and rather amusing.The colors are the simple, formative ones that you find on Teletubbies, and the animated monsters have been psychologically crafted along the lines of Sesame Street characters. There is enough changing content on the site so that children do not get bored.

Some will find the music too saccharine, but it again follows tried-and-true formulas that have pleased children since cavemen painted them on cavern walls.a-little-dragon

One can scarcely blame websites today for selling their wares, but the products associated with the free content on Moshi Monsters do get a lot of hard flogging – “buy more rooms…collect rare monsters.” There are options available also to children with paid memberships that are not available to free users, and this creates the inevitable peer pressure among children to have what our friends have.’ It would be fair to say, on the other hand, that the value/quality ratio is quite good on Moshi Monsters when you do decide to pay for it.

There is also particularly good documentation for parents (, and this is welcome as it reassures one about content and suggests some ways to play along with your children using the characters. Altogether, Moshi -monster is a nice safe place for kids to play.